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April 2015….

Album 543…. My favourite season arrives at last, I simply love the first signs of Spring, it’s an incredibly erotic and fun-filled time of the year, as the sun shines and the breeze is just perfect for some outdoor fun. As you’ll see as far as enticing outfits go…..it doesn’t get much better than this
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March 2015….

Album 540…. I love wearing 3/4 length coats – they conjour up all sorts of  questions about what is or what isn’t underneath. I have to say that the March / April weather provides perfect opportunities to wear a coat and just my underwear and boy oh boy believe me when I say …………it’s an
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February 2015….

Album 535…. After many many months of investigating the bonuses of Drone technology, we have finally invested a huge amount of time as well as expense in taking this website into new territory with amazing video and photographic angles. I have to say after viewing this initial vid-clip together with the pics that I am
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January 2015….

Album 531…. So this is the little Nerve Centre for LegsonShow…..it’s been quite a long time since we last posted from here, so I hope this will add another dimension, especially in this fabulously sexy dress. There’s a little story to go with this dress too, which I wore out with two of my friends
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December 2014….

Album 527…. So as the end of another year approaches it’s a great time to look back at 2014 with a fabulous collection of monochrome images. Those with a keen eye will notice that a number of these images do not appear in the various albums, and those that do have had some tweaks as
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November 2014….

Album 522…. As we enter Party Season, this month will feature some fabulous Party Season dresses – all of which are incredibly sexy and completely new to Legsonshow. The first offering is what I call ‘Electric Blue’ – it’s absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing with Black Stockings, but I also think these striking Electric Blue
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October 2014….

Album 517…. This month finishes with this fabulous album featuring this original Fascinator hat in 80+ pics which I have to say looks just amazing with the original fur bolero. And for the many that love Visible Suspender Lines – this leather skirt definitely accentuates my suspenders. As always -we’ve added a small selection of
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September 2014….

Album 513…. I must admit the dominant role isn’t one I usually play out, but I’m beginning to see that it might have it’s own appeal especially when it comes to getting my own way. A little change to the usual scenario, featuring a dungeon and a very interesting chair….the various marks on which are
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August 2014….

 Album 508…. So as you’ll see the whole fetish studio follows a natural sequence, beginning with arrival (previous album – behind the scenes) followed by this bumper reception album, call it a ‘warm-up’ if you wish but as you’ll see there’s some great fun ahead…… enjoy Linda xxx Preview Pics…. Just updated  - though an
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July 2014….

Album 504…. ‘Striptease’ This sequin summer dress, despite being a big fav of mine, last made an appearance on LoS last year during our holiday in France. It proved to be quite a hit then, so I thought I’d give it a second outing for LoS in this fab album. What a perfect dress too
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