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October 2015….

Album 565…. This fabulously sexy Sparkle dress made it’s first appearance on the website earlier this year and proved very popular among many members. I have to say it’s high on my fav list and certainly draws plenty of attention especially, as you’ll see in daylight conditions…. when it becomes quite transparent….hehe xx Look out
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September 2015….

Album 564….Goodwood Revival 2015 – Day Two So here is Part Two – Our second day at the truly amazing Goodwood Revival 2015. As I’ve said a million times, if you haven’t been, do your very best to make sure you visit and try to do at least two days…….because as I always say………..’Once is
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August 2015….

Album 561…. You can tell that I’m getting into the mood for the forthcoming Goodwood festival….and this Chequered flag skirt is just perfect for any motor racing event especially when teamed up with these new and fabulous sexy steel heels….and sure to set pulses racing as the big engines throb and spit…hehe x Definitely one
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July 2015….

Album 557…. The Picnic Part Two of the previous album including some fabulous angles, together with a video clip as well as some ever popular monochrome captures. Thank you for all of the wonderful messages and emails received for Album 556. Album 556…. Simply the best to date…. Well I have to say that this
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June 2015….

Album 553…. ‘Juxtaposition’ I have to say that I really love this type of album, the contrast between subject and surroundings is very interesting and a form that I know so many of you request regularly and love. The album was ¬†captured on a very busy industrial estate that is currently going through a huge
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May 2015….

Album 549…. Part Two of this fabulous post – you’ll see that I’ve made great progress over the last two years from Constable to Inspector……so who says crime doesn’t pay…..lol. I have to say that the Chief Constable appears extremely ‘firmly set’ on my continued promotion….. and continues to encourage my willingness to lend a
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April 2015….

Album 544…. I love this album, Satin Blouses are a huge favorite of mine as well as for so many members here and I have to say this Mink coloured version is just perfect with my Dark Tan fully fashioned stockings. I know this post will also be a winner for the vast number of
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March 2015….

Album 540…. I love wearing 3/4 length coats – they conjour up all sorts of ¬†questions about what is or what isn’t underneath. I have to say that the March / April weather provides perfect opportunities to wear a coat and just my underwear and boy oh boy believe me when I say …………it’s an
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February 2015….

Album 535…. After many many months of investigating the bonuses of Drone technology, we have finally invested a huge amount of time as well as expense in taking this website into new territory with amazing video and photographic angles. I have to say after viewing this initial vid-clip together with the pics that I am
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January 2015….

Album 531…. So this is the little Nerve Centre for LegsonShow…..it’s been quite a long time since we last posted from here, so I hope this will add another dimension, especially in this fabulously sexy dress. There’s a little story to go with this dress too, which I wore out with two of my friends
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