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September 2014….

Album 512…. The second part of the amazing Goodwood Revival weekend, this album features a change of outfit for me together with lots more of the nostalgic theme and captures (behind the scenes) a small selection of those that went to great lengths to add to the whole fun factor of this very special event.
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August 2014….

 Album 508…. So as you’ll see the whole fetish studio follows a natural sequence, beginning with arrival (previous album – behind the scenes) followed by this bumper reception album, call it a ‘warm-up’ if you wish but as you’ll see there’s some great fun ahead…… enjoy Linda xxx Preview Pics…. Just updated  - though an
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July 2014….

Album 504…. ‘Striptease’ This sequin summer dress, despite being a big fav of mine, last made an appearance on LoS last year during our holiday in France. It proved to be quite a hit then, so I thought I’d give it a second outing for LoS in this fab album. What a perfect dress too
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June 2014….

Album 500….A Huge Milestone. So let me start by saying a really huge thank you to all members past, present and future…..for your immense support over so many years. I’m completely humbled by this support as well as all of the extremely sweet emails and messages. However one of the most rewarding aspects of running
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May 2014….

Album 494…. A huge fav. to date….maybe not my all-time fav to date but definitely in among the top five. I’m sure this amazingly sexy Satin blouse and  Satin skirt will be welcomed by many at LegsonShow. I just love the ‘vivid’ colours and love the way that the blouse responds to strong natural light…as
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April 2014

Album 490…. As so many members have requested a ‘spy’ album over recent months, I’m certain this album including an 8.37 mins Vid-Clip and photo album will prove a huge winner with so many of you fabulous fellas. I have to admit the whole idea of being spied on while I get dressed and ready
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March 2014….

Album 485…. Part One of a fabulous Two Part post…(including Video Clip). So the encouraging signs of Spring has certainly got me into holiday mode, so much so that I popped into town earlier and bought a couple of essentials for getting everything below in ‘tip-top’ shape for the summer months ahead. I have a
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February 2014

Album 481…. Forgive me for my continued efforts to encourage some spring weather. I began swapping some of my winter wardrobe with my spring wardrobe.  Whether of should I say ‘Weather’ this might be a little over optimistic, I’m sure my fabulous friends here will welcome the return of this ‘Cerise’ short skirt suit and
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January 2014

Album 477…. Guess what……its’ raining again and yet again….. more plans for an outdoor shoot are scuppered.  So it’s a quiet Sunday in front of the fire – and I have to say this Emerald blouse looks amazing as always in photos and adds vivid colour, brightening up the day somewhat…….. Enjoy xx Linda Album
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December 2013….

Album 472…. As you will see from the previous ‘Selfie’ album – I plunged for the ‘Electric Blue’ Zipper Skirt along with the Maroon and Black versions. They are certainly figure hugging and believe me accentuate every suspender lump and bump….like no other skirt I’ve worn…….absolutely fabulous….x Typically…..rather than settle for just the ‘Electric’ blue
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